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Build a profile

Our profile builder has been designed to help you develop an online profile that resonates. You’ll answer questions that help clients get to know you, your values, and how you go about your practice.

This profile will be your key marketing tool on Radiant. Try to ensure that it represents you and your practice in the best possible manner to clients. Your profile should be designed to attract new clients.

Professional registration check

Radiant will verify your registration with a professional association to ensure that you are appropriately qualified. Please ensure that you meet Radiant’s registration requirements before creating an account.

Publish and connect

Once you have reviewed your profile and feel it represents you in the best possible manner, make your profile public on Radiant, so that clients can connect with you. They’ll request a call with you, and you’ll talk on the phone first to ensure you’re the right fit.

Publish and connect

Publish your profile on Radiant, so that clients can connect with you. They’ll request a call with you, and you’ll talk on the phone first to ensure you’re the right fit.

Your Profile

To complete your profile for review, you must enter information under each of the three headers below.  You can save your incomplete profile at any time, logout, and return later if you wish.

My Details

In this section, we’ll ask for your personal details, such as age, gender and contact details. This information will be made available to clients in your public profile and can be used by them to help in their search. This is also a great opportunity to share, in your own words, information about your approach to therapy, any particular areas of interest and experience, and what clients can expect from a first session with you.

My Experience

This section focuses on understanding what areas you have experience in and which client groups you work with. The answers you give in this section will be used so that people can find you, based on criteria that are important to them. This information will be made public. We’ll also ask for your professional registration details so that we can verify them before publishing your profile. This registration information is only used by Radiant.

My Practice

In this section, we’ll ask for more logistical information about the location of your practice, session fees, available rebate options and the facilities that are available to clients, such as parking and disability access. This information will also enable people to match your practice with the things that are important to them.

It’s all about the connection

Positive results come from strong relationships. Our matching software has been designed in collaboration with mental health professionals and clients. The goal? Connecting you with suitable clients to create positive therapeutic relationships that achieve more successful outcomes. Radiant asks you the questions that are important to clients, so they can better understand who you are and your approach to therapy. We want help-seekers to feel secure and confident in their search for a mental health professional.

Making business easier for you

Radiant aims to reduce barriers to help-seeking so that all Australians can access mental health support and make informed decisions about their mental health care. We know that this will not only benefit Australians, but this will also help to expand and grow your business.

Radiant aims to directly market your services to clients that are suited to your skill set and generate more business for your practice.

Making business easier for you.

Radiant is about helping you help others. The administrative burden of chasing up invoices and cancellation fees is time consuming. With Radiant, client payments are automatically transferred to your bank account at the completion of each session, relieving you of this task, and making your clients’ experience smoother.  We’ve got your marketing, bookings and payments covered, so that you can focus on what matters: helping people.

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