Mental Health Support
for Financial Hardship 

Mental health and financial safety are strongly linked. If you are experiencing a mental illness or an increased amount of pressure due to financial stress, we have mental health support available for you.

How do I Get Help?

At Radiant, we recognise and understand how difficult it can be to experience any type of financial pressure, let alone in the face of a pandemic.

We want to support you in finding the right help during this difficult time.

Step 1

We recommend that you first check if you are eligible for government assistance. It is there to help anyone who is financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. you can find more information on the ATO website.



Step 2

In order to get on a mental health care plan, you will first need to book an appointment with your GP. For more information about this works, and what to expect, read our blog post How do I Get a Mental Health Care Plan?’

How much will it cost?

For a 50-minute session, Medicare will cover $124.50, or $84.80 for 30-50 minutes. All up, you can get 10 sessions on Medicare rebates per year.  If your sessions costs more than the rebate amount, you will need to pay the ‘gap’, which is the difference between the two.

How Does Radiant Work?


Share a bit about your needs, preferences and goals by answering a few quick questions.


We’ll match you to a professional most suited to you.



Check out your professional’s profile before making a connection. Book a session and pay online.

In need of urgent assistance? 

Call Lifeline: 13 11 14 

Free Mental Health Services


Contact: 1800 022 222
The helpline offers you the option of having a phone or video call with a GP during afterhours. Eligible patients are referred to a video call by a registered nurse. You can use your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer to speak to them. 

National Debt Helpline

Call: 1800 007 007
If you have no income and/or cannot afford basic necessities, there is help available. You can find your closest service on the Ask Izzy website. You can also call us at the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 and we can give you the details.

Beyond Blue

Call: 1800 512 348
Beyond Blue is offering a free telephone service to support you during these challenging times. They will provide advice and support based on your specific needs.



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