Managing workplace stress

It’s not always easy to take care of your mental health in the workplace

What do I need to know?

Though attitudes towards mental health in the workforce have greatly improved in recent years, work is still a major contributor to mental ill health in Australia. Workplace stresses like long work hours, 24/7 connectivity, performance-pressure, workplace conflict, bullying and harassment can cause, or exacerbate, experiences of anxiety, depression, high stress and other forms of mental illness.

If work is causing you any kind of distress or mental ill health, it’s important to reach and seek support. Through Radiant you can find mental health professionals with expertise in workplace or career related stress and below, you’ll find a great selection of blogs on managing your mental health in the workplace.

How can a professional help me?

If you’re finding the workplace a tough space to be in, you’re definitely not alone, and seeking support from a mental health professional is one the most powerful steps you can towards mental wellbeing.

A professional can provide a supportive space where you can talk openly about your experiences and what you’re feeling, which is especially important if you feel unable to share your experiences with your colleagues or support services in the workplace.

How does therapy work?

Mental health professionals, like qualified psychologists or counselors, are trained to help you develop a toolbox of strategies and skills to manage your experience in the workplace, build your resilience, and to assist you in working towards a more positive experience of mental health.

Latest blogs on the workplace 

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