Dealing with financial

and legal issues

Dealing with financial and legal issues can be overwhelming and complex. Learn how about a meditator can help you.

What do I need to know?

It is important to plan for your future financial and legal affairs. This may include deciding who will take on the roles of Enduring Guardian and Enduring Power of Attorney or recording your End of Life plans and a will. It could also include entering a Granny Flat agreement, a late life relationship, transitioning to a residential facility or involve a family dispute.

How can a professional help me?

In some instances an integrated approach may be required where mediators and counsellors, financial advisors and other agencies work together as your needs may not be just legal or financial.

  • Mediators can assist those in conflict about decisions or about future plans. The mediation process facilitates issues being identified and discussed, options being explored and outcomes negotiated and recorded. This process helps people communicate respectfully, hear others’ views and express their concerns.
  • Individual, couple, family relationship or financial counselling can also be offered (sometimes alongside a mediated process). Counsellors have many different ways of assisting people with their communication and conflict, decision making and problem solving as well as associated stress, anxiety, overwhelm, fatigue or social withdrawal

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