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Radiant is passionate about improving mental health in Australia by better matching support seekers with mental health professionals. Our mission wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for our community of professionals. So, to give back to our community, we have decided to offer any early adopter of Radiant a free subscription until June 2020. Create your profile, market your services and connect with clients through us for free.

Perhaps you’re unsure if this offer applies to you? If you’re a psychologist, clinical psychologist, counselling psychologist, counsellor, mental health social worker or psychotherapist who meets our qualification requirements then it does!

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Why choose Radiant?

✔ We’re an Australian social enterprise where 100% of profits support the amazing work of Relationships Australia (NSW).
✔ We verify the registration details of all our professionals, before they are published to ensure the best quality on our site.
✔ We have the most detailed profiles. This ensures clients find the best match, improving the longevity of your therapeutic relationship.
✔ We’re innovative and won a grant from in the 2018 impact challenge.
✔ No cookies and no data mining. People looking for support stay anonymous.
✔ You’re in control. You can easily edit / unpublish / republish your profile with a click of a button.
✔ Radiant is always free for clients and free for professionals for 1 year.

How It Works


It’s easy to sign up. We’ll just need your email address to get started. Then we’ll start asking some questions about you, your experience and your practice, to build your profile and get you started.


You’ll find our profile-builder extremely easy to use so you can build a profile that resonates with potential clients. Don’t just tell the clients about you, your practice and your experience, but try to give them insights about your approach, how you would go about helping them and what they might expect during their first session.


Clients can find you 24/7, and when they decide that they want to connect with you, Radiant will send you an email, requesting that you call them. All you have to do is talk to them and make an appointment.

Professional, online marketing, made simple

We are focusing our attention on the millions of Australians who suffer issues with mental health. They will tell us what they need so that we can match them to the best possible mental health professional. Clients can find you online so that you can focus on what matters; helping people.

Grow your business

Finding clients can be hard. Fill your books with the clients that are suited to your skill set and generate more business for your practice. 

Grow your business

Radiant provides a cost-effective marketing service that enables you to gain access to new clients who can benefit from your skills.

They will contact you through Radiant and you can introduce yourself, ensure you are both a good fit, and make a first appointment.

Designed to work

Radiant is co-designed by mental health professionals with industry knowledge and understanding. It has already been through a significant testing phase, gaining feedback from real users and professionals just like you.

Radiant provides a simple user interface that can benefit first-timers as well as those who know more about their mental health issues and are looking for a better relationship with a mental health professional.

Join the Radiant Community

We are in this together. Radiant fosters strong relationships between the professionals we host on our site. We encourage networking and collaboration for our online community.

To help grow this community, the use of Radiant will initially be free of charge. Before introducing charges, we will consult with the Radiant community in order to work out what is fair and reasonable.

Group Practices

If you work with a number of other professionals in a practice, you can also register as a group practice. For group practices, just select “Group Practice” wherever this option is provided and use your practice name, instead of first & last names.

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