For many of us, the return to ‘normal’ brings about a new layer of stress and anxiety.

During the lockdown, life everywhere around the world was forced to slow down. The streets were left bare while everyone hibernated in their homes. For once, all of us were forced to take time away from our busy schedules and hectic workdays. Eventually, we found our own rhythm. Maybe we learned to find peace in our new routine; replacing work commutes spending more time with our children, or trying out new recipes.

But now the rules are loosening and the thought of transitioning back to a full-time job, commute and traffic can be overwhelming.

Life has been forever changed and unfortunately the virus very much still there. Understandably, there’s still a lot of fear around contracting the virus and how to manage ourselves under these unusual circumstances.

Here are few ideas on easing the transition back into the world.

  1. Give yourself time to adjust

    It will be normal to feel equally disoriented, frustrated (now by the traffic) stressed and suffocated by “old” routines and start to long for a simpler life again. Getting your head around it starts now, as small steps are allowed: the limited visits to friends, staged school returns and so on.

  2. Reflect on your old life priorities

    What are the things you learned about yourself during this time? What should stay and what might you choose to discard? Many people are talking about having more appreciation and gratitude for new elements of their lives and relationships and want to preserve more home investment. Rather than assume this is a pipe dream, start to ponder how you could make this happen.

  3. Decide how you want to live

    Perhaps you now are aware that you didn’t see friends, or don’t have enough of them. Maybe you now appreciate quiet time or getting out into the sunshine. Perhaps you now worry about your elderly relatives when before it was hard to find time to even give them a call. You should seize this new information and make some decisions about how you want to live from here. How might you now distribute your time and other resources on the home and work fronts?

  4. Be kind to yourself

    This is a truly difficult and confusing time. The entire world felt the shockwaves of this so be kind to yourself as you adjust. Show yourself compassion, a global health pandemic is an unbelievable time to live through.

  5. Take it day by day

    Life will not return to normal overnight and it may never be the same. Try not to plan ahead too much or get caught up in the details of it all. Simply treat each day as a new day and do what you can. This is all we can do.

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