Relationships NSW has recently developed a free phone service to help people struggling with any number of difficulties during COVID-19 that could be relating to their families, households, their personal situation or work life and just want to talk to someone.

Who is Time 2 Talk for?

Time 2 Talk is a telephone service staffed by a team of qualified relationship counsellors and social workers, established to assist members of the New South Wales community who have been impacted by the restrictions imposed by state and federal Governments on travel, contact with significant others and management of social distancing. It’s a ‘no wrong door’ approach meaning they will offer support and information to any person or family member who seeks assistance. Each call will provide support, engagement, exploration of the issues, and an option generating approach which may also include triage and referral where appropriate into further RANSW services. This will be offered as a free service of RANSW at a time when the community need extra support and understanding, and many are facing unemployment, lack of physical connection with loved ones, and potential health crises.

“There is nothing too small, or too trivia to call us about. We are here to help you in whatever situation you’re facing with compassion, kindness and zero judgement.”

How can Time 2 Talk help me?

Time 2 Talk can help with any relational issues such as:

  • Couple struggles/ conflict when working from home
  • Shared family spaces when working from home
  • Parenting support around children at home
  • ‘Virtual home schooling’- structuring the day with other routines
  • Loneliness due to home isolation
  • Coaching on how to talk with children and young people about the restrictions to social and family contact
  • How to have a family meeting to raise issues and troubleshoot to head off conflict and unhappiness
  • How to negotiate with flatmates/ household members where there are competing needs
  • Safety at home and concerns for personal safety, or the safety of children
  • Managing parenting Orders/ agreements/ arrangements/ handovers as restrictions around parks, cafes etc are enforced.

Individual Challenges:

  • Stress and anxiety regarding work, home, family pressures
  • Uncertainty around decision making – should we send kids to school? Should we stay home, should we socialise at all? Should we see older parents?
  • Worries for an isolated family member, someone interstate/ overseas
  • Fears of infection and impact on relationships with friends/ colleagues
  • Becoming a carer for someone who is sick

Work and Community Issues:

  • Physical distancing: isolation versus social connection/ inclusion
  • Loss of employment/ fears of work ceasing, impact on rent, etc.
  • Work/ home balance: how to create boundaries for self and others
  • Having hard conversations when challenges arise with workmates: 3 easy steps

Offering practical ideas

  • Exploring ways to set up virtual gatherings, and planned ‘outings’ online, and to involve people
  • How to connect with neighbours when worried about them
  • Loss of freedom and many extracurricular activities leaving questions on how to fill time and create a sense of purpose
  • Strategies to build resilience and hope in the face of the news/ accelerating spread of the disease
  • RANSW believe in providing a professional, caring and inclusive response to community needs during this time, calling on the resilience of families and communities to act together to build virtual neighbourhoods and support systems for all people, including our vulnerable and isolated adults.

Call Time To Talk now on: 1300 022 966.
The service operates Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

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